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Denver Retaining Wall Solutions is a recognized stone paving and patio installation company that specializes in retaining wall installation, patio design and stone paving. Denver Retaining Wall Solutions has been installing stone patios for both residential and commercial customers with the help of their highly skilled mason team. Stone patios are typically used on the side of the house as an extension of the landscaping which provides heavy-duty drain systems to keep water from accumulating on patios during heavy rains or large snow accumulation seasons.

Patios can be constructed using stone pavers and are much more durable than concrete, leading to a very long-lasting product. Patios also help reduce the amount of water that gets into your home. Water that would have made its way into the basement by way of leaks around windows, air conditioning units and crawl spaces gets trapped on stone patios, increasing the curb appeal of homes and adding beauty to landscaping.

Stone is an all-natural product, so you know it will stand the test of time because it is not subject to corrosion like other surfaces. This means that over time, the patio will stay as beautiful as when it was built. It has a natural look, and one of the biggest benefits is that it can be installed in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit your specific tastes. It also looks great whether you use light or dark-colored stone on your patio.

Stone pavers are very versatile. They can be used to form a foundation for your patio, or they can be used for the entire surface, and even cover the entire ground. The look of stone can come from a number of sources, including natural stone or decomposed granite, limestone or sandstone. There are also a variety of decorative accents that you can add to your patio: pipes, flower boxes and other elements. By adding these elements to your patio, you will make it easier for you to make your home more attractive and help with curb appeal.

The durability and aesthetic qualities of stone are undeniable. It helps to keep your landscaping looking as beautiful as ever, even after many years of use. The patios that are created from stone will also be very attractive in any season or environment since they do not exhibit the risk of fading from sunlight and water that is present in concrete.

Patios made from stone are practical as well. With a patio constructed from stone, there will be no leaks or cracks in the floor to worry about. The patio is also built to last for many years, so you know that you will get the use out of it that you want. It is important to choose a material for your patio that is going to last in Colorado’s climate, especially if you live in areas prone to heavy snowfall or large amounts of rain. Fortunately, stone will stand up against the elements and look great for years to come.

Denver Retaining Wall Solutions is proud to offer superior retaining wall and masonry services. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We have a fully equipped team of professionals who are ready to transform your patio. We can build you the perfect patio that is customized to your specifications and needs. Our robust, quality workmanship assures you that your patio will be built according to plan and will last for many years.

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